"The beginning is always today." - Mary Wollstonecraft

The decision to get help is not an easy one, but it can be the first step toward real change.

I want to help you empower yourself to bring about the changes you've been wanting in your life.  By breaking old, painful patterns and creating new, fulfilling ones, I am committed to helping you heal and have more peace.  I work with a variety clients, including:

        • Relationship partners wanting more connection and trust
        • People wishing to learn how to move on from divorce
        • Families who are tired of fighting and want more happiness in their homes
        • Individuals struggling with anxiety or depression
        • Pre-marital/early relationship couples wishing to plan for a happy, healthy relationship
        • New parents wanting to strengthen their relationships while facing the challenges of parenthood
        • Parents who want to have more fun with their kids by creating positive connection and setting appropriate boundaries
        • People wanting to heal the pain of grief and loss
        • Relationships needing repair after infidelity
        • Families and individuals wanting to rebuild from the affects of substance abuse and addiction on their lives
        • Families with children who have AD/HD who want to reduce the chaos
        • Clients who desire healing from past traumas
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